After The Whistle

Ep.10 | World Cup Excitement, VAR Reviewed & National Teams Exposed

a year ago

0:01: The ATW team meet this week's guests Kafui & Anakwa and learn what colours they bleed.

1:22: Video Assistant Referee (VAR). What's working? What's not? What changes does the team recommend?

6:46: Rare retractions are offered as we admit this World Cup is wayyy more fun than we initially thought.

14:30: Neuer Exposed?

19:12: Reliving African teams worst moments at the WC

23:14: Making Messi the game plan left Argentina in a mess.

26:33: The GFA out here catching stray bullets

27:33: NBA trade rumors round up. Off-season officially > Playoffs.

30:26: Serie A transfers, the Balloteli redemption story, Arsenal's strong summer & Chelsea at a standstill.

35:30: The team tempt fate and make their R16 and WC winners predictions.

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