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Alternatives To Football, Local Clubs Making Money Moves & Passion Projects

2 years ago

For this episode, we are joined by the duo behind 'Aluta Da Great', @zackie_TLK & @igozah

0:18: Our guests find themselves on the hot seat right from the jump.

1:43: We delve into the early origins of 'Aluta Da Great' and find out about the process that led to a hit YouTube channel.

9:28: Is Ghana spending too much on Men's football to the detriment of other sports?

11:10: @Igozah lays some responsibility for growing other sports on the people in charge.

14:33: @Zackie_TLK laments the soul-crushing end to his basketball career as the panel discusses other sports that have the opportunity to thrive in Ghana with the right support.

23:05: As is ATW tradition, we call the Ghana Premier League out on some questionable decisions.

31:23: Is renting out football pitches and/or stadiums for events a recipe for disaster?

36:20: We round up the episode with social media plugs

Find more about 'Aluta Da Great' here

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