After The Whistle

Otaku, Gamers And Problems In Between

3 years ago

We have two guests William (@LiamOfori), from Antrix gaming and Paul(@PaulZiem) from Gamenerd join us this episode.

2:00 : Paul and Liam give us insight into what they do.

5:00 : Perceptions of E-sports and Gaming in the country.

10:00 : Prize pools for e-Sports competitions.

15:00 : Paul talks about the needs of gamers for an immersive experience in Ghana.

17:00 :Our guests discuss the different sub-groups in the gamer community.

25:00 : Lack of tech support for Gamers in the country and how expensive it is to be a gamer around here.

34:00 : Sexism, depression and anxiety amongst gamers.

43:00 : Female gamers wish to gain validation in the community for their skills and not their looks.

46:00 : The guys plug their upcoming event-- Gaming events, meetups and Nerdcons. Collaboration within the community.

49:00 : The show ends with a clarion call to collaborate and create local content.

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