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Zidane's Level, World Cup Atmosphere and League Reviews

2 years ago

00:30: Cyril and K.O handle this weeks episode in familiar fashion but first recap what happened in Game 1 of the NBA Playoff finals.

01:50: The boys do a quick recap on the various major leagues in Europe and talk about next season.

05:08: With the leagues discussed, the boys moved on the UEFA Champions League.

07:20: The boys discuss Zidane’s resignation and K.O makes a bold assertion.

12:12: For being able to achieve a three-peat of European glory, is this the greatest Madrid side ever?

18:40: Zizou, What next and how does he rank as a great coach?

27:35: World Cup “Fever” hasn’t really hit us but still its a good competition for the summer. The boys discuss everything relating to marketing, team chemistry and their picks for who could win it.

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