After The Whistle

Showboating, Star Players Avoiding Foul Calls & Our PL Season Disappointments

3 years ago

Cyril and Moos man the fort for this episode.

2:00: We begin with a hearty discussion on showboating in popular sports. Referring to rookie forward Jordan Bell's alley oop dunk that angered the coach and fans of the opposing team.

Are fans okay with it? Is it disrespectful to opposing players? Are there unwritten sportsmanship rules that are broken by showboating?

11:00: The guys share what their biggest Premier League disappointments have been so far this season. A certain manager's playstyle comes up, as well as the results of a certain Merseyside club are called into question.

20:00: Foulcalling, do star players get away with calls in the top professional leagues? We discuss this with respect to EPL and NBA stars, and talk about how star quality affects game quality.

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