After The Whistle

African Players Ranked & Debated

2 years ago

00:30: We’re back baby! The ATW team catch up and discuss the mythical player-swap transfer deal.

04:53: Cyril introduces the all brand new ATW African Player Ranking System

06:50: The Tier 1 'God Mode' discussion begins

07:40: Donald lists his “Tier 1” Players

10:13: Moos is itching to challenge Donald's picks & shares his.

12:45: K.O switches it up and lists his five-a-side 'God Mode' players.

14:05: Moos is finally unleashed on Donald and the rest of the team discuss why they placed some players ahead of others.

28:09: The team breaks down the criteria required for 'Tier 2' and share their lists.

44:00: Up next is the 'Tier 3' players and the panel anticipate possible moves amongst tiers over the course of the season.

52:04: K.O points out a name everyone failed to put on their lists. Opps!

59:50: Donald ends the episode with a Swansea FC-related question.

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