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After the Mics Dey On

3 years ago

It's #GhPod week and ATW is joined by the guys from Wona Mic Dey On, Kwame and Carl, a podcast that deals with men’s issues through a “boys-boys” prism.

2:00: European competition results.

4:00: Kobe's Jersey's retirement

7:10: How bad does Camelo want to win a title?

10:00: Modern perceptions of masculinity with respect to Sports.

17:33: What maketh a real man? The panel share their opinions.

30:30: We talk about the societal pressures placed on men to conform. Is that a thing? And how much effect does it have on current athletes?

34:00: Eurobasket opinions.

37:00: Final Thoughts.

Find our guests at : WonaMicDeyOn

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