After The Whistle

Debating The Value Of Individual Awards And Walking A Step In An Arsenal Fan's Shoe

3 years ago

We start the show with a quick recap of the last episode (0:18) and lunge right into this week's main topic, should individual awards in team sports be scrapped (0:29)? We give our individual reasons for why we voted for individual awards to either stay or go (1:53) and begin our discussion. There is a clash of ideologies in the studio as a line is drawn between the self-proclaimed pragmatists and the lone idealist (11:10) in the studio.

The final votes are tallied (35:06) and we continue onto our final discussion of the episode, Alex Sanchez. With rumours making the rounds about his discontent at Arsenal, we speculate at what point we, the ATW team, placing ourselves in Arsenal fans shoes for a couple of minutes (37:00), be OK with Sanchez forcing a move. As a fan would you still expect a player to stay even after agreeing with the reasons they want out? We do our best to answer this question. The team gives their closing comments regarding Sanchez as we wrap up (46:31) and we end the episode with a promise we fully intend to keep (48:45).

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