After The Whistle

We Talk Political Protests And Ask Is Harry Kane World Class?

3 years ago

Bright joins the ATW team for this week's episode

0:38: We meet our guest, talk favourite teams and his work.

2:05: Is Harry Kane world class? The team share their opening thoughts.

8:30: The debate rages on as the team look to define the criteria for what makes a player 'world class'.

14:27: Does a playing system or/and team tactics help boost a player's claim to being world class?

23:47: Are there 10 attackers currently playing that are better than Harry Kane?

33:14: We debut Moos' corner, discuss the circumstances surrounding Ancelotti's firing & the latest NCAA college basketball scandal.

45:02: Bright gives us a full-breakdown of the #TakeAKnee protest.

50:38: We learn more about Bright's participation in social & political protests using his satirical illustrations.

56:47: It is when protests start to affect 'the money' that the people with the power to act start to pay attention.

60:28: Adam Silver's memo has us feeling disappointed in the NBA commissioner.

64:33: We wrap up the show with social media plugs, recommendations on stuff to watch out for & upcoming events.

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