After The Whistle

Legendary NBA Offseason

3 years ago

1:00: Embiid vs. Whiteside Twitter Wars.

2:00: Embiid signs supermax 5 year deal. Was that a smart move by the Sixers looking at Embiid's injury history?

9:00: We talk IT's Sports Illustrated story where he unloads on his former GM, Danny Ainge. Is he being too emotional? Is he right to feel like that?

18:00: Russell Westbrook signs his contract extension on KD's birthday. Was it deliberate? Are the Thunder legitimately title contenders now with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony.

25:00: Is the Lebron James reclamation project a real thing? Does he have the power to save the careers of average NBA players?

35:00: The Spurs and Kawhi.

39:00: Who's gonna win the East?

41:00: Leadership on Championship teams.

47:00: Kobe Hive Mind.

50:00: Finally MVP and Rookie of the Year nominations. Big names and dark horses get thrown into the mix.

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